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Job Description: Assistant Camp Directors are leaders, partnering with Camp Directors to bring camp to life. These role models serve as visionaries and staff inspiration, operational can-doers and educational leaders, and all-around indispensable members of the camp leadership team.
Camp Type:Day Camp
Job Location:
Job Description
Job Type Administration and Support Staff
Position Assistant Director
Employment Type: Seasonal
Min. Education Required:Associates Degree
Min. Experience Required:1 to 2 years
Experience Description:
Gender Preferred: No Preference
Preferred Religion:
Salary: • We are committed to competitively compensating staff. • Staff will be compensated at a different hourly training rate for online training and on-site setup/training • Overtime will be paid at 1.5x the regular hourly rate in accordance with state and federal requirements • Payroll is processed weekly; payments will be issued and paystubs made available the Friday after each camp week
Start Date:06/04/2018
End Date:08/17/2018
Required Skills: • Commitment to educational programming for children • Flexibility to meet changing work needs and demands • Ability to work collaboratively on a high-functioning team • Openness to feedback and desire to grow professionally • Ability to handle multiple tasks efficiently and accurately • Strong organization skills and attention to detail • Ability to communicate clearly, maturely and compassionately with families • Ability to maintain an excellent work ethic, a high level of energy and exceptional enthusiasm
Room and Board: NO
Responsibilities: WORK HOURS AND DATES The camp environment is demanding, requiring intense dedication and work ethic from each staff member. Depending on the time of summer or the specific week or day, the needs of camp and resulting staff hours may vary. We make offers to staff who we believe are capable of thriving in this environment and contributing to camp’s success. The camp day runs, on average, 10 hours for Assistant Camp Directors, totaling to 50-hour work weeks. Hours are typically 7:30am-6pm. Assistant Camp Directors may work with the Camp Director on prep prior to training and setup days; this time may total up to 24 hours of prep time, no more than 8 hours in a day. • Staff meetings: During regular work hours before or after the start of programming • Before setup days begin, complete between 2-12 hours of online training • Training and setup days: Participate in two mandatory training and setup days before camp starts ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • With Camp Director, oversee daily operations of camp, creating a high energy, organized, professional experience • Set, work toward and achieve measurable professional development goals • Assist Camp Director in overall support and management of camp staff • Lead and manage staff members, ensuring quality group leadership, high energy and overall professional performance • If needed, manage Extended Care program, including staffing assignments and activity planning • Provide excellent customer service to camp families • Support and participate in daily camp operations, e.g. check-in/check-out, all-camp activities, and classroom support as needed
Contact Info
Galileo Team(510) 595-7293
[email protected]
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