Graduate Nurse or EMT posted by Lochearn Camp for Girls

Job Description: Graduate Nurse or EMT needed to work w/ camp RNs. Receive standing orders from camp physician. Conduct in-take physicals. Respond to accidents. Drive campers to drs appts. May dispense daily meds. Keep accurate records of health center visits. Communicate w/ director & parents re: camper heath.
Camp Type:Overnight Camp
Job Location:Post Mills, VT
Job Description
Job Type Professional
Position Health Professional
Employment Type: Seasonal
Min. Education Required:No
Min. Experience Required:1 to 2 years
Experience Description:
Gender Preferred: Female
Preferred Religion:
Start Date:11/26/2013
End Date:08/21/2009
Required Skills:Ability to stay calm and stabilize accident victims. Knowledge of standard First Aid and CPR procedures.
Benefits:Professional atmosphere; private quarters. Full participation in camp activities.
Room and Board: YES
Responsibilities: Provide loving and quality health care to our campers. Must be certified as EMT and have valid CPR/SFA certifications. Must have clean driver's liscense.
Contact Info
Ginny Maxson(802)-333-4211
P.O. Box 44 [email protected]
, VT 05058

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